Recently Fanny assisted me with classroom translation during a technical training course I provided. This was my first experience using a translator. Fanny was amazing. She was clearly prepared, having studied the training materials provided to her before the start of class. Even so, I routinely launched into my own explanations of the materials - a true test of Fanny's abilities as the training was highly technical. She was superb in every way.

I particularly appreciated that she constantly monitored the students and acquired feedback which she passed to me to improve my own pace and performance. It was truly a joy working with Fanny. She clearly loves and enjoys providing these services and her personal joy brought a lightness and fun to the classroom every day.

I highly recommend Fanny if you are in need to classroom translation in any area - paricularly of a technical nature because I witnessed the success of her efforts to prepare and perform with excellence.

Tod Henderson (Exelis)

Lo paso muy bien en las clases, me gustaría poder ir todos los días, aprendo mucho. Es lo más divertido que he visto para aprender inglés.

Sergio (8 años)

This summer, I had the opportunity to actually see Fanny in action as a teacher, when she brought a group of her students to the UK for a ‘London Experience’.  Part of their schedule included a private Callan class at my Kitchen Academy of English in King’s Cross and it was immediately clear that her students love and respect her and she, in turn, showed great patience and understanding in answering their questions and doubts.  I look forward to meeting Fanny and her students next year when they return for another trip to the UK.

Marcus (Callan Method Teacher)

Unas clases donde la profesora de verdad se adapta a tu nivel y con resultados reales. Mi nivel de conversación ha mejorado mucho desde que empecé y en poco tiempo

Raquel (Cambridge First Certificate, 6º Escuela oficial de idiomas)